Or something close to that.

The Brits realize that Al-Qaida terrorists form a crucial part of the Libyan rebels resistance, and we shouldn’t be aiding them in any shape or fashion. This is clearly a case of  Alien vs. Predator, and we shouldn’t be trying to help one side beat the other, but rather trying to kill the Libyan kingpin, Gadaffi. KGS

Unlike France, Britain won’t arm Libya rebels: minister

Britain will not deliver arms to Libya’s rebels as France has done, a senior British defence official said Wednesday, saying it raises “quite a few issues”. “No, Britain is not considering supplying arms to the opposition in Libya,” Gerald Howarth, minister for international security strategy, told reporters on the sidelines of a defence policy forum in Brussels. “We think that it does raise quite a few issues, not least the United Nations resolution, although in some circumstances that could be justified,” he said. “But it is very much a matter for France, and no criticism of France intended,” he said. “But it is not something that we should be doing.”

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