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Saudi Arabia, a place where one can still visit the 7th century and not be in a museum, and where gender and religious apartheid runs headfirst into Jew hatred and Holocaust denial. KGS


TSN: To be a Saudi is to be a hater of the Jews

Column in Saudi Daily Denies Holocaust, Criticizes Mandatory Holocaust Studies for Arab-Israeli Pupils

In his May 17, 2011 column in the Saudi daily Al-Iqtisadiya, Dr. ‘Abd Al-Rahman Al-Trairi, who is also a professor at King Sa’ud University, expressed support for claims by Roger Garaudy and other well-known Holocaust deniers questioning the number of people who perished in the Holocaust, and said that the Jews had taken advantage of the Holocaust in order to coerce the world into establishing the state of Israel. Al-Trairi protested a recent decision by the Israeli Ministry of Education requiring Israeli Arab pupils to study the Holocaust as part of their matriculation curriculum, claiming that Israel’s schoolbooks ignore the Palestinian narrative and do not consider the “other” to be equal. He also dismissed as groundless claims which first arose in the wake of 9/11 that Saudi schoolbooks convey messages of hatred and encourage terrorist acts.

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