Beheadings Saudi Arabia


You have to wonder what kind of horror she went through leading up to the moment, as well as the trumped up charges that sealed her fate. KGS

H/T: Ethan

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  1. The moron doing the deed seemed more worried about getting anything on himself. After he swung the blow, he pulled up his dress. Worst part about that is, the dress is white. What an idiot from all angles!

  2. Sick and depraved, these sub human mutants are the lowest of the low.

  3. Notice how the men (all men, of course) ran along the road, anxious to get there before the deed was done. Notice also how they constantly fuss with their drapey garments, need to keep them from getting bloody, of course.
    And what about the fellow in the white coat? Was he the “doctor” who examined her to be sure she wasn’t a virgin. If she was she’d have to be raped before the beheading because virgins go to heaven. What none of them know is that when they die they will be called to account for this single inhuman and cruel act, no need of any others.


  5. The death penalty is evil and countries who practice it are backward and uncivilised.

    Most Western countries have stopped this legalised barbarism, except the USA, which has put itself on the same level as Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and other degenerate countries.

    1. Sure, Bogiman, giving a serial murderer the death penalty is exactly the same as giving the death penalty to a woman who has been raped.

      Get lost, you troll.

  6. All followers of the f@ck ass Muhammad and Islam. You all need to have your heads examined and take some test to see if your insanity can be cured.

  7. No woman is safe under Sharia law so if a man is dis-satisfied with his wife, he bring her up on some nonsense charge and have her disposed of. The more I read about Muslims the more I realize many of them are heartless, brainless, and without a conscience.

    An interesting thought just hit me. You can wash a pig and get it clean but if you wash a Muslim, you still have a pig.

  8. It’s sickening to see how they take so much time to set the woman up just right: her feet need to be a certain distance apart and her head at just the correct angle. They tortured her without even touching her and then the executioner kills her and takes a bow as though he did nothing more than pull a rabbit out of his hat. What an evil and savage tribe they are.

  9. Making Islam illegal is not the solution. The solution is to inundate human society with videos like this. Let everyone judge the tree by its fruit.

    Videos like this create an acute moral crisis amongst thoughtful Muslims and expose Islams barbarity to naive infidels.

    Islam will not die from external pressure, it will destroy itself.

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