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Woman fears for life, daughter after husband allegedly beat her and blinded her

Victim’s story has unleashed a Jerry Springer-like circus in the Bangladeshi media

UPDATE: The University of B.C. has set up a secure donation site to help Rumana Manzur. All donations through the site will go directly to Manzur:

DHAKA, Bangladesh – Rumana Manzur said she was quietly working on her UBC thesis, with her five-year-old daughter by her side, when her husband Hassan Sayed burst into the room and unprovoked, unleashed a vicious beating.

He grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the floor and went for her eyes, the part of her he knew was elemental to her studies.

The June 5 attack left her blind and battered.

Manzur, who spoke to a Vancouver Sun correspondent from her hospital bed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, said.

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