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    1. This we can thank the spineless dhimmi leaders (and ourselves for inaugurating them) in the West, for granting that loving and tolerant religion of peace, a foothold in our lands. The more followers of that deranged sixth-century Arabian warlord, we admit into our midst, the greater the risk of terrorist attacks. The dhimmi class of Islam-appeasing politicians and social progressives, like those in the Obama administration, don’t want to get caught pointing finger at any specific group (they categorically refuse to even use the word Islam in association with extremism or terrorism), therefore this increasingly bizarre behavior from FAA authorities, who, instead of profiling Muslims – the most likely groups to commit acts of terror – bend over backwards not to discriminate against them, by checking and harassing even the most unlikely groups to commit acts of terror i.e. white female senior citizens, the disabled and young children.

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