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You see, this is the unspoken truth, something that’s left off the discussion table by the morons who try to push a settlement on the Jewish state. The Arabs are the ones pushing for a Jew free state, while Israel has over 1 million Arabs as citizens, yet the latter is labeled, disingenuously, as an apartheid state.

Face facts, minorities are persecuted throughout the Muslim Middle East, Persia, Asia and in the Maghreb. These facts need to be addressed in any gathering of the ME ‘peace mumblers’, failure to do so speaks more about them than it does about the conflict itself. KGS

H/T: Challah Hu Akbar

The Real Palestinian Vision

Mahmoud Abbas sees a state free of Jews.


The Obama administration is busy renewing its push for Middle East peace talks and the Europeans aren’t far behind. But how can these talks succeed when the Palestinians clearly don’t support democratic ideals?

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told the Arab League late last month that the future Palestinian state should be free of all Israelis, noting that their eviction could take place “in stages.” Although he didn’t explicitly single out Jews, there are few Christian, Druze and Muslim Israeli citizens living in the West Bank and Gaza. His message couldn’t be clearer: a Palestinian state will be Judenrein, or free of Jews.

This is a disturbing vision, to say the least. No one who knows Mr. Abbas’s history, however, should be surprised: He is a Palestinian nationalist who once wrote a thesis denying the Holocaust, and has shown little interest in a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mr. Abbas’s statement should have incurred a harsh response from Western supporters of Palestinian independence, starting with the European Union, whose official Middle East policy calls for an “independent, democratic, viable Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel and its other neighbors.” Instead, Brussels was silent. And now, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is trying to coerce both sides to the negotiating table.

But this, too, is historically consistent. The EU has a terrible human-rights record in the Middle East, though its policy makers like to proclaim otherwise. Until recently, Brussels has been a strong financial and rhetorical supporter of Bashir Assad’s Syrian regime. Despite Mr. Assad’s bloody crackdown on pro-democracy supporters, EU members retain their ambassadors in Damascus. The same goes for Bahrain. There is no EU democracy promotion in Saudi Arabia. Given such a record, Europe’s commitment to a democratic Palestine amounts to little more than empty rhetoric.

The same can be said for the U.S. and President Obama, who has only tepidly supported Israel as a democratic partner. The president gave a speech on the Middle East last month proposing that the “borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promptly rejected that idea, noting those borders aren’t defensible. For their part, the Palestinians long ago rejected the idea of a land swap. So much for U.S. policy leadership.

Israelis harbor no illusions about Palestine’s democratic credentials. The Israeli government has always been adamant that no Israeli citizens would be left behind a future border. Israelis remember well the fate of Jews under Muslim rule in the past: Even when protected by benevolent rulers, Jews often encountered persecution, expulsion and the occasional wholesale massacre. Under Muslim rule, access to holy places was restricted, and many were desecrated and destroyed.

Why would it be different this time? More often than not, minorities’ fate in the Middle East has been bloody and cruel. Shia suffer under Sunni rule and vice versa; Berbers and Kurds have never enjoyed the rights claimed for Palestinians; Christians are under attack everywhere in the region except Israel; Iran persecutes its Bahai, Christian and Jewish minorities; Turkey refuses to recognize its own Kurdish minority; and even in Lebanon, democratic tolerance is in decline.

The U.S. and EU, as Western democracies, profess to hold those values dear. But a state that aspires to be free of Jews cannot be a democracy. Any talks that pretend otherwise are simply foolish.

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  1. The West has been taken over with leaders who either have cognitive deficiency not to perceive their pet ‘palestinians’, or they’re just cowardly and covering their individual asses, or they have been afflicted with magical thinking, probably all three.

    Is there ONE political leader willing to affirm what so many of the rest of us see and call the world on their BS?

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