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Allowing foreign cultures (especially from Muslim countries) to have a protected status inside Western cultures, that invariably shields these communities from any kind of criticism and oversight, is detrimental to the entire society. It allows traditional victims within that minority culture to remain victims, and with the backing of the host state in the name of protecting its “multicultural society”. Time to end the two tier system of justice and fair play. KGS

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Scores of forced marriages are Kent’s “secret shame” claims campaigner

Hundreds of victims of forced marriages are suffering in silence in Kent, according to a charity dedicated to exposing the county’s “secret shame”.

The Karma Nirvana organisation has reported a 52 per cent increase in calls from Kent in the last year but says there are likely to be many more young people – mainly those from Pakistani Muslim and Indian Sikh families – who are too afraid to come forward.

Co-founder Jasvinder Sanghera, who was disowned by her parents after refusing an arranged marriage 29 years ago, told KoS the problem results in countless suicides and at least 12 “honour killings” nationally every year.

She added: “What we know about forced marriage is that it’s under-reported and a hidden crime. In Kent there will be many hundreds of victims, and they could be anywhere.

“It’s not just areas where there are large Asian populations like Gravesend, where these crimes are likely to be going on. That’s why more work needs to be done to identify victims living in other towns where the population is not so large.”

Karma Nirvana’s helpline takes about 5,000 calls a year, with the majority of callers aged 12-21 but the youngest just eight.

In addition to south Asian communities, forced marriage is also a problem – albeit to a lesser extent – among Kurdish, Iranian, Afghan and Somalian families.

In many cases marriages are arranged before a child reaches the age of consent, with some children even promised to other families at birth.

But even when marriages are arranged legally, Ms Sanghera says, participants should be allowed to decline without fear of reprisal.

She said: “The community network among people who practice arranged marriages is often strong, and word quickly gets out if something goes wrong.

“Another problem is that many people are prevented from integrating because British society is regarded as a threat to their culture.

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