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According to US ambassador Bruce Orek, rejecting Obama’s Marxist/statist policies are the signs of a inward, backward looking people.

The Tundra Tabloids met this bureaucratic Mr.Clean look-alike and green tech promoter at a diplomatic function over a year ago, he failed to impress the TT back then, and he fails to impress now. In fact, the TT is so unimpressed with him, especially over this latest attack on the True Finns and the Tea Party, that he has earned the label of… Fecal head.

The U.S. Ambassador to Finland, Bruce Orek, was interviewed in the Finnish/Swedish language paper, Hufvudstadsbladet, who stated that the True Finns’ electoral victory in the recent parliamentary election reminds him of the Tea Party’s success in last mid term elections in the US. In fact he said that he “sees basic similarities between the True Finns and the Tea Party”.

But instead of  simply saying that it reflected the honest will of the people in response to the perceived (but in the TT’s opinion real) failed policies of Washington and Helsinki, he took to smearing the political movements of both countries as being both backward and inward looking.

It’s a highly arrogant and condescending opinion that’s shared by many a statist minded bureaucrat and politician; “How dare the people vote wrong, if they are not forward thinking (read = progressive/socialist) then they must be backward and inward thinking.” See how that works?

This Obama appointee would like nothing better than to see the US Tea Party go the way of the Dodo bird, and the break up of the True Finns. How dare they challenge the socialist/statist status quo! How dare they (the Tea Party) demand government to return to the Constitution and live within its clearly spelled out restrictions. How dare the True Finns demand a return to a sovereign state ruled by the Finnish parliament, not by unelected officials in Brussels. How dare they all! Indeed KGS

Hbl: The U.S. ambassador to Finland criticizes voters for the True Finns.

Sunday 06.19.2011 at 09.31

IltaSanomat: U.S. ambassador Bruce Oreck warns Finland of turning inwards, says Hufvudstadsbladet-Journal.

U.S. Ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck estimates in an interview with the Hufvudstadsbladet about the Finnish parliamentary election results.

Oreck sees some worrying features in the rise of the True Finns. He estimates that the True Finns have basic similarities with the conservative Tea Party which opposes the United States President Barack Obama.

– I believe that the True Finns as well as the U.S. Tea Party represent people who have anxiety about changes. They are looking back to the past, when everything was simpler. It is understandable, but one can not return to the past. Isolation from the rest of the world and the closure of borders would be a bad thing to Finland as well as for the world at large, Oreck said to the Hufvudstadsbladet.

According to Oreck, turning inward would hinder the spreading of on new ideas to Finland, and hinder trade.

NOTE: For Oreck, if you resist socialism, you resist change. The only thing that the True Finns and the Tea Party would spread, is freedom and liberty, something that this statist fears most.

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  1. Big mistake for an ambassador to criticize a party, particularly one that is getting a large number of votes, in the country to which he is an ambassador. This can lead to even more votes for the True Finns.

    Such a huge diplomatic mistake simply confirms your assessment of this man.

  2. Would be worth to keep track.

    There is the Valerie Plame case, (I believe her husband is also a far left loon), then there is former US diplomat and Pal Arab darling Edward Peck: “Flotilla had right to self defense” (
    John Brennan is one of them, and so many others.

    We need to do a full blog post with add-on’s and keep track.

    All of these f*$#rs need to go!

  3. I wonder who really is behind these policies to replace the native populations with alien hostile minorities?

    The lady in the link above certainly wants Israel to remain a jewish only nation, why work against the Europeans and turn it into a multicultural cesspool? It’s one country or the other.

    Fuck Israel

    1. Ah Woody, Israel is presently involved in the exact same mess as the Europeans, you should be saying instead, ‘F’ socialists, they are the ones to blame.

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