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Remember folks, Halal is not Kosher. The methodology between the two couldn’t be greater, with next to little care in the Muslim method of slaughtering as opposed to the exact measures of Jewish Shechita, ritual slaughtering. That’s a fact. KGS


No ban on Jewish and Islamic slaughtering in the Netherlands

THE HAGUE, 23/06/11 – There will be no ban on the unanaesthetised slaughter of animals that is carried out in Jewish and Islamic abattoirs. The Lower House majority that earlier existed for such a ban has evaporated.

The Lower House wants unanaesthetised ritual slaughter to remain possible after all, providing Jews and Muslims can show that this does not cause more suffering for animals than anaesthetised slaughter. Labour (PvdA) and centre-left D66 have received support from the conservatives (VVD) and leftwing Greens (GroenLinks) for a plan giving the abattoirs a year and a half to demonstrate that their method of slaughter is animal-friendly. If they do not succeed, then there could be a ban after all.

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  1. They keep using the word ‘unanaesthetised’. I already commented on VladTepes that this is a euphemism. The correct word is stunning (with a metal pin).

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