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How much you want to bet that this convert was or still is a classic Leftist? KGS

9/11-style attack on Reichstag foiled

An Austrian terror suspect arrested this week was plotting to crash a plane into the Reichstag building in Berlin, which houses the German parliament, a report said Saturday. Officials said a German with links to the suspect was also detained. The suspect, who has been named only as Thomas al-J. and is a 25-year-old Austrian national who converted to Islam, was arrested Wednesday in his Vienna flat on suspicion of recruiting for terror training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan and of financing a terrorist organization – the German Taliban Mujahideen (DTM).

Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reported on Saturday that the suspect had been plotting to crash a plane into the German parliament, the Bundestag, and had been training on a flight simulator. Austria’s interior ministry also said Saturday that a German terrorism suspect had been arrested in Austria on May 31 and had links with the alleged recruiter. The 26-year-old German, originally from Berlin, is in the process of being extradited to Germany, where he is suspected of being a member of a terrorist organization, ministry spokesman Rudolf Gollia said.

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  1. Is a convert to Islam required to undergo circumcision? Does it have to be without any form of anaesthetic? If so, it may explain top some degree why converts to Islam are so pissed off.

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