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Oh, it’s supposed to be non-violent.


The Islamic-Socialist nexus revealed. Totalitarians are totalitarians regardless where they hang their hats.


Abdullah in January established the Red Guards
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Abdullah Tammi, who founded the Islamic Party of Finland in 2007, has set up a Red Guard in May. It is a politico-ideological association with leaders belonging to Finland’s Labour Party members. Tammi also belongs to the same political party.


Tammi said that the Red Guards’ goals include social revolution without violence. He is in favor of traditional socialism, where the means of production and financial management belongs to the working class.


Tammi criticizes the current left-wing and trade union movement as toothless. The True Finns will catch it on racism and populism.


In January he resigned from the Islamic Party he founded, as President since 2009. The Red Guards, currently has about three hundred members.

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  1. You must be seriously retarded to take this clown at face value :’D

    Well, anything goes as long as it suits your purpose, right…?

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