Thanks to the Schengen Agreement Finland is being flooded with people with no desire to learn Finnish language skills and not seeking regular work. KGS

NOTE: Governments should be focusing on meaningful job creation in order to lift the station of people everywhere throughout Europe. This involves the return to solid capitalist, conservative principles, not Marxism.

Helsinki city officials, with help from police, closed illegal Roma camps within the city limits on Tuesday.

Roma from eastern Europe were evicted from four camps along the shore in the Kalasatama district. That followed a decision on Monday by the City Council to toughen its handling of Roma beggars. This summer has brought large numbers of people from EU member states such as Bulgaria and Romania to the city.

However the latest eviction orders did not affect the camps on the premises of the Satama Social Centre, an activity centre run by volunteers based on “anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-homophobic principles”. It is located in the Kyläsaari area, near Kalasatama.

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  1. “Governments should be focusing on meaningful job creation in order to lift the station of people everywhere throughout Europe.” Well and good, an honourable position. The only trouble is that muslims and islamic followers generally do NOT wish to assimilate NOR learn the language NOR become contributors to the country they have invaded. They are more likely to become spongers. Spongers are people who insist on the free housing, free furniture, free tv’s, free food, and free cash – that the limp-minded and MC and PC governments in Sweden and other EU countries hand out to them.
    It is time that the people in these countries wake up and elect a true national party that will get rid of these free-loaders. All islam does when it invades a country is bring trouble, crime, expense and fear. All people in these countries should wake up and take their identity back – we should all remember this >

    “It’s a failure,” Sarkozy said of multiculturalism. “The truth is that, in all our democracies, we’ve been too concerned about the identity of the new arrivals and not enough about the identity of the country receiving them.” PC and MC is an abominable failure to the west.

    1. Hey George, I was perhaps unclear on my point, which was centering on the need for countries to do whatever to keep their people at home which means a strong economy.

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