This was forwarded to the TT by David Frankfurter, it relates to the bomb attack last week in which a homemade bomb was placed in the yard of building that housed a grocery store and restaurant that was discovered by the police.

The Finland Campaign

UPDATE: For the benefit of readers newly arrived on this site from Finland. The guy who goes by the name Abu Suleiman al-Nasser and has been calling for attacks in Finland is likely just an idiot with anger-management issues. That said, any idiot can try and make a bomb or get his hands on a gun, and what happens next is not so funny. His obsession with Finland suggests he has some connection to the place — there’s something odd and a little irrational about it, as though it is personal.

With a little international cooperation, it should be possible to locate him and find out what he’s about, who he associates with, what his capabilities (if any) are. Best case: he’s a child left to use the Internet unsupervised. Worst case: he manages to kill someone. The following was first published on the Internet Haganah. KGS


A jihadi redhot at the Shmukh forum is continuing his one-man campaign of wishing for a terrorist attack in Finland.


He claims a bomb was found and defused in Finland, and prays that next time the bomb goes off.

[Tundra Tabloids]: Text reads:

In the name of Allah the most merciful and benevolent

Praise to the lord of the universe, peace be upon the prophet Mohamed and his successors.

Today, Friday morning in Pasila Helsinki, in the yard of Esterport was placed a homemade bomb. There is a restaurant and grocery store in the building. The police sealed off the area before the bomb could explode.

We pray to Allahm that the next attempt will be successful.

Abu Suleiman Al Nasser

Supporter of the world wide Jihad

He includes a pic from Finnish media purporting to show Finnish police doing something related to the suspect device.

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