Germany Rape


Bizarre. Now that’s the mindset of the musulmaniac, where the rest of us would contact the police and file a report, this woman takes to setting the perp on fire. Un-freaking-believable. KGS

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Woman sets fire to man in mosque

A Turkish woman set fire to a man in a mosque in southern Germany on Saturday. She says she acted out of revenge after the man raped her.

The 36-year-old poured petrol over the 38-year-old man in a mosque in the city of Reutlingen, in Baden-Württemberg, before setting him alight. The woman was taken into custody on Sunday, on charges of attempted murder, according to the state prosecutors office and the police.

The victim was admitted into hospital after the attack suffering from severe burns, however his life is not in danger.

According to the police, the victim and the suspect have known each other for some time. The woman claimed she had been sexually abused and molested by the man.  He, on the other hand,  says that there was a consensual relationship.

On Saturday afternoon, according to the police, the woman’s husband and the later victim got into a fight in a room in the mosque. People attending the mosque tried to separate the two men, but were unsuccessful.


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  1. Sadly, with the Islamic mindset and the political correct pandering going on it is probably the only punishment the guy will receive. I don’t agree with taking the law into your own hands but as a woman living in the middle east I can also sympathize with this woman. Rape is ugly and it is worse when the victim is held to blame, that is the way of Islam. Gd help us all if they get any more power than they already have.

  2. What goes on in a mosque is better then a soap opera cum thriller – sex, rape, paedophilia, strategic bombing, drug running, all under the aegis of allah is the

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