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Serb authorities not complicit in Mladic’s hiding – Serb writer

Published: 26 May, 2011, 20:16

Edited: 27 May, 2011, 08:31

Serbian writer and historian Dr. Srdja Trifkovic says it is surprising that alleged war criminal Ratko Mladic was arrested in the home of a close relative, because his close contacts had been under observation by the security services for years.“This can mean two things: either that he was entirely left to his own devices and that there was no elaborate support group in the background helping him hide, or that the Serbian authorities have been conniving in his hiding, which I don’t believe to be the case,” he said.

Peter Robinson, a US lawyer for another Bosnian Serb leader on trial, Radovan Karadzic, told RT on Thursday that “President Karadzic is sorry for General Mladic’s loss of freedom. He looks forward to working with him to bring out the truth about what happened in Bosnia.” Robinson had also pointed out that today’s arrest will influence Karadzic’s case, a point echoed by Trifkovic: “The prosecutors at The Hague will try to pit Karadzic against Mladic, and I expect their long-term strategy will be to have one try to pin the blame on the other, and in the end they would be both worse off, which would be the best possible scenario for The Hague,” said Trifkovic. As for accusations that the UN War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia is biased and obsessed with catching only Serbians, Trifkovic was stinging in his criticism.

“This is a highly politicized institution that has been used over the years to provide retroactive quasi-judicial verification of the political position of the Western powers that the Serbs are indeed the main culprits for all that came to pass in the former Yugoslavia,” he said. Trifkovic says that the Serbian media is now controlled by the government more than it ever was under Slobodan Milosevic, and consistently pushing the idea that joining the EU is a panacea for all that ails the country. “If Serbia does join the EU, it will be the first time in history that a rat has jumped onto a sinking ship,” he said.

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  1. The whole situation stinks, we in the west were fed only ‘official and censored’ versions of the truth, during and after the planned destruction of the Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia by the US and the EU. Now after all of the lies, death , destruction, ethnic cleansing, and the murderous and senseless NATO bombing of Serbia the EU countries have the nerve to ‘invite’ small beaten down , bankrupt, vassal states into the EU. IMHO the US, EU and NATO bullies are main perpetrators of misleading propaganda, political intrigue and manipulation of facts , it just did not ‘happen’, and many individuals and corporations are getting extremely wealthy while the entire population of the former republic suffer in poverty and uncertainty, from wounds that will never heal.

    1. I hear ya Big Frank, the whole story hasn’t been told here, there were atrocities done for sure, but not all by one side, and done in the wider context of the war, in the fighting against a side involved in pretty much the same tactics. there were no saints in that war.

      1. I agree, because how many people in the West have actually heard of Oric? I think nobody. Sure, terrible things happened over there, but the whole truth hasn’t come out yet.

    2. You are right, Big Frank. Most of what we have been told is ass backwards, mostly Croatian & Muslim agitprop and disinformation.

  2. Is it not strange that vastly more hideous war crimes committed by the Croats, Muslims and the Mafia like gang of the KLA, are not to brought to trial. Only the Serbs – the victims of the Balkans for over 600 years.

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