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Of course the Swedish social(ist) elite just shrug their shoulders and say “so what, they’ve had it coming”. Political violence is acceptable in Sweden, as long as it’s against those who protest the racist policies of the state of Sweden. KGS

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SDU: are battered again

POLITICAL VIOLENCE UPDATED In recent weeks there has been an escalation of the Left-wing and immigrant-related violence against SDU. Representatives of the union have been attacked on school visits and leafleting in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala now. Besides the violence in the form of punches, kicks and stones attacked the SDU: are harassed by GOB, egg throwing and mob behavior in which so-called youth gangs has done everything possible to disrupt the SDU’s school visits and leafleting.

In Uppsala, today some SDU members were attacked in the street when they campaigned. The city’s left-extremist elements, were then all invited by the Younth Left on their facebook page to get there and disturb the meeting. An SDU-activist fell to the ground while he received back kicks. The second SDU-activist was wounded in the hand.

Gustav Cassel Beach, president of the SDU, said:

– In recent weeks, attacks against the SDU is deeply disturbing but wias unfortunately not unexpected. What is even more serious is the compact of silence as last week’s stone attack and today’s assault led. On the contrary, we could, just while today’s assault was going on, hear Justice Minister Beatrice Ask declare in Parliament that the government does not intend to take action to stop the Left’s extreme violence.

– In our Sweden is the right of young people to commit themselves to the policies they want without having to suffer threats or violence and it is government’s obligation to forcefully distance themselves from, and put in effort against, the violence that young people are exposed to because of their political beliefs. The extreme left groups must be treated as the criminal networks that they are!

– SDU will on the occasion of today’s event to hold a demonstration in Uppsala on the left extreme violence. We presume that other youth who are opposed to political violence will stop.

The attack

In the Uppsala Centre at the main pedestrian Svartbäcksgatan had today five people from SDU Uppsala a flyer distribution. Police have been informed in advance but decided not to send out a patrol which later proved to be a big mistake. Dividends could last for an hour before Youth left Uppsala county showed up with an equally big crowd to make a counteraction in the form of interference and flyer distribution, obviously the SD. It had, among other things, used the Younth left Uppsala county Facebook page to advertise on counteraction (pictured). There was also a trash can to encourage / scare people into throwing the materials handed out by the SDU.


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