Islamic Intolerance Netherlands


This is the reward of multiculturalism safeguarded by the policy of political correctness, the reflexive ”knee-jerk” reaction by law-enforcement officials who turn a blind eye to crimes committed by a minority. KGS

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Yehudi Moszkowicz: The police had other things to do

UTRECHT – A homosexual couple is demanding damages from the government because the police allegedly refused to take action against Moroccan youths who systematically threatened them. The men suffered multiple harassments. For example, their car windows were broken, ‘homo’ was scratched on the car and a brick and fireworks were thrown at their window.

The couple made a police report for all these matters, but the police never took any action, says their lawyer Yehudi Moszkowicz. On a certain day, the couple were crashed into in their car. This was done deliberately by the group of Moroccans.

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