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IDF: Northern border incidents are an ‘Iranian provocation’

05/15/2011 15:28

Four Syrians reported dead as IDF opens fire on Nakba Day rioters crossing border at Druse village of Majdal Shams; protester reportedly killed on Lebanon border; IDF spokesperson: “Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas axis very clear.” IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Yoav “Poli” Mordechai described the incident in which pro-Palestinians demonstrators crossed from Syria into Israel as an “Iranian provocation”on Sunday. “The radical axis of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas is very clear,” Brig.-Gen. Yoav “Poli” Mordechai told Channel 10 News.

AP SAYS: Palestinians mark uprooting; 5 reported killed

JERUSALEM (AP) – Israeli troops clashed with Arab protesters along two hostile borders on Sunday, leaving as many as five people dead and dozens wounded as the Palestinians commemorated their mass displacement during the war surrounding Israel’s establishment three generations ago.

MORE at YNET: Deadly clash on border; IDF shoots Syrian infiltrators

Bloody Sunday: IDF forces fire at Syrian ‘Nakba Day’ protestors who breach border fence; four people reportedly killed, up to 20 hurt as dozens of infiltrators enter Israel. Meanwhile, casualties reported in Lebanon border clash

Al-Reuters reportsFour killed in Lebanon-Israel border shooting: source

MAROUN AL-RAS, Lebanon (Reuters) – Four protesters were killed and 11 wounded in a shooting incident at the Lebanese-Israeli border where Palestinians were demonstrating on Sunday, security sources said.
Reuters cameraman Ezzat Baltaji said he filmed three dead bodies and two that were immobile.
Israeli forces had fired in the air to repel Palestinians demonstrating and the Lebanese army had fired in the air in an attempt to stop protesters from reaching the border.

TT UPDATE: Carl in J’lem said just a minute ago that: “Israel Radio just interviewed a correspondent there who said that there are hundreds of ‘Palestinians’ standing around and every so often they charge the checkpoint.”

Carl in J’lem files the following live blogging report:


IDF preparing for this for months. Not good.

IDF spokesman confirms that there is an ‘event’ in Avivim (the border with Ras Amoun). Hundreds of people reached the border fence and Lebanese Armed Forces could not stop them. IDF opened fire. There are injuries – we don’t know how many yet.

IDF spokesman says a few thousand reached the Syrian border fence and destroyed the fence. They are now in Majdal Shams. Here also IDF opened fire and is aware of wounded – maybe some tens. Don’t know yet how many killed. IDF forces still preventing hundreds more from entering.

A number of commanders in Golan were lightly wounded and still in the area and fighting.

Israel Police in the area now along with the IDF according to IDF spokesman.

IDF forces are along the fence and preventing people from entering Israel.

How did this happen? IDF spokesman says it’s too soon to say.


Officially four dead and 15 wounded on Lebanese border.


IDF allowing ‘Palestinian’ demonstration in Majdal Shams to continue. They are carrying names of ‘refugee camps’ in Syria.

No wounded have reached Israeli hospitals yet. Israeli residents of northern border areas asked to stay in their homes with their children.

IDF accuses Iran of being behind what’s going on in the north.

Security forces accuse Syrian army of allowing ‘Palestinians’ to reach the border.

50 ‘Palestinians’ wounded at Erez on Gaza and 20 in Kalandia on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Man killed earlier in Tel Aviv a 29-year old from Givatayim.


Here’s some video from al-Jazeera Arabic. The left side looks like the Lebanese border – I can’t tell you what the right side is.

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  1. And still the media calls them ‘protesters’. These people aren’t protesters, they are invaders.

    1. They are indeed invaders, and the lackeys and lapdogs of Islam in the MSM are hoping for bloodshed to further blame Israel for every problem and incident in the ME. Remember the MSM mission statement ‘ if it bleeds it leads, and if it burns it earns’.

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