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The mind of a mustard is a wonderful thing to waste.


Here’s something from someone named Karthik, or as the TT will call him from now on, Car-sick, who reveals the foul the grey mass between his ears called mustrard mass. KGS

islam is a good religion…. i love it and like it….

fuck you…….. i like osama.. he is a real hero… if you have a guts come to my place afterthat i fuck u and kill u… son of fuck…if u say anything abt arab i ll kill u…otha podu.. thevadiya paiya.. unnoda athava okka…..

fuck you………………………… pundamavana……………i wanna fuck your wife

you r going to hell soon…

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    1. These mustards can’t utter coherent sentences, it’s all “I kill you” and “u r an f*r” nonsense like that. Mustards is the right word for them.

  1. “otha podu.. thevadiya paiya.. unnoda athava okka, pundamavana”
    He is cursing using foul language in Tamil. “otha podu” means he will screw you.
    “thevadiya paiya” means son of a prostitute.
    “unnoda athava okka” means he wants to screw you.
    “pundamavana” means son of a c**t
    You definitely want to look for a Tamil Muslim who may have been given refuge in one of the Scandinavian countries during the war in Sri Lanka between the Tamils an the Singhalese.

  2. Yet another Taqqiya spewing “Mustard” living it high in the West, while supporting
    Jihadi scum.

    I hope to see the day when all these Muhammedan scum are dispatched home. They dont belong here.

  3. I believe that the grievanced writer must be a respected Muslim Scholar by the highly sophisticated tones he writes in. Filling out welfare forms would pose no challenge to such a gifted slave of Allah.

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