Norway’s PM Jonas Gahr Støre gives the thumbs up

However, seven years ago, the Norwegian government condemned the killing of Hamas terrorist mastermind, sheik Yassin. It appears that some Islamic terrorists are more preferable to others. KGS

Norway condemns killing of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

“Norway condemns the killing this morning of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin,” said Foreign Minister Jan Petersen.

“This act will lead to greater tension in the area and impede implementation of the Roadmap for Peace and Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza,” said the Foreign Minister. “We realise that Hamas has been responsible for a number of terrorist operations, which we have deeply deplored. This does not, however, justify extrajudicial killings like the one we have now seen.” More here.


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  1. Are they for real? Seriously, what is wrong with this people!!

    “We realise that Hamas has been responsible for a number of terrorist operations”

    NO. It is their core business!

    1. Actually POB, “this” in the above context is gramatically acceptable as “people” is a collective noun.

      So both “this” and “these” are quite acceptable.

      More importantly, of course, is what you say; what you say is crystal clear.

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