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Now why was that we should ask? No conspiracy thinking here, the Tundra Tabloids applauds the move on Bin-Laden, none of us our privy to the intel or the discussions surrounding the final takedown of the leader of Al-Qaida. The TT hopes however that the delays in taking him down were strictly due to correct considerations not political machinations and tomfoolery. KGS

Detailed photo analysis by the CIA, confirmation by other people at the raid site and matching physical features like bin Laden’s height all helped confirmed the identification.

His body was swiftly dumped at sea so that his burial site did not become a shrine.

Destroying the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, from the air would have killed all 22 people inside – including women and children potentially sparking an angry backlash from the international community.

The daring mission to take out the world’s most wanted man was finally given the go-ahead last Friday, according to the source.

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NOTE: Under international law, as long as importance of the target was deemed high priority and the overall strategic goals resulting from the strike were significant enough for taking out Osama Bin-Laden by air, killing all 22 people in the process was entirely legal. So the argument that there were “innocent civilians” in the way, is not valid.

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  1. Like any muslim “holy warrior” he hid behind a woman or a child. Scum of the earth.

    1. I remember seeing a cartoon of an Israeli soldier in front of a woman and child, fighting a terrorist opposite of them who was using a mother and child as human shields. you hit the nail on the head.

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