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No support of Israel for this bunch of misfits.

These ultra-nationalist Leftists (Fascists/National Socialists) of the SKSTP, are the exact opposite of the ultra-transnationalist Leftists (Communists and a whole assortment of Marxist rabble) who demand open borders, an end to the nation state.

These totalitarian groups of the Left are what society as a whole needs to watch out for, as well as the Muslim supporters of totalitarian sharia, who have found themselves throughout modern history, on both sides the aisle of these two sides of the totalitarian Left.

During WWII, a large majority of Muslim states sided with Hitler, and during the Cold War, they sided with the Soviet Union, but remember folks, they never sided with the Free Capitalist West. While it’s predictable that the Finnish Nazis focus on skin color and racial purity, it’s highly amusing to see them railing against Islam itself, seeing that their own dear leader embraced Muslims and Islam with open arms.

But who said that anyone on the hard Left are the sharpest knives in the kitchen drawer? KGS

We National Socialists are trying to save our homeland from the Finnish government which is by every means trying to destroy.

We are a registered association, which was founded 27.07.2009.

The party’s main goals are our race and the existence of our own people, the safeguarding of reproduction, the raising of its children and keeping its blood pure, freedom and independence of the fatherland.

Our offices are currently located in the city of Ulvila in the area of Kullaa. The founder and CEO is 41 years old, Führer, Pekka Luoma. We have a solid intention to seek official party status in the parliament and let the tiny nation’s voice be heard to EU policy-makers who try to make Finland a large reception center and a developing country where there are no jobs and people have no intrinsic value. Let us fight together for a better tomorrow and for the preservation of our independence!

Nazi Party Being Founded in Finland

YLE: published today 10:55 AM

A legal processes is underway for the formal registration of a National Socialist Workers’ Party in Finland. The group, which uses Nazi symbols, had intended to put up candidates in the last local elections, and now has plans to participate in the next elections. Its chairman says the party has dozens of Nazi activists around the country.

There were no swastikas seen on campaign posters during the recent Parliamentary elections. However, there could be in the next one. The two-year process for the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Finland to gain official legal status has been, however, a complicated one.

The group’s original, openly racist party rules have been modified, and it has relinquished the use of a parallel German name. After the revisions, party regulations are innocuous enough to be used by a sewing circle.

Even so, the national Register of Associations has had doubts about the use of “National Socialist” in the party’s name.

“Statements of evaluation have been requested about this issue. A decision is expected from the Board of Patents and Registration in May,” says Jyrki Ahdeoja of the Register of Associations.

Statements have been requested from authorities including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is charged with interpreting Finland’s international treaty obligations. Finland’s post-WWII peace treaty included a ban on fascist and paramilitary organizations. For this reasons, groups such as Lotta Svärd, a voluntary auxiliary paramilitary organisation for women, were disbanded.

The Foreign Ministry has not found a reason to forbid the registration of a national socialist party.

“Nothing of a fascist nature was found. We tried to look at how the the organization’s activities are written in its regulations,” explains Päivi Kaukoranta, Director General of the Legal Services section of the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

Opposed to non-white immigrants

According to the chairman of the National Socialists, Pekka Luoma, the party’s concept is “the people and the fatherland”.

“The people is the same as Finland’s native, white population. We are struggling against immigration, especially against coloured immigrants,” says Luoma.

The groups claims a few dozen Nazi activists around the country. The chairman is a 40 year-old unemployed family man from Satakunta. If permission to register as an association is forthcoming, a drive will be started to gather the signatures of the 5000 supporters needed to register to take part in elections.
Swastika and Führer

“If a party’s leader wants to a Führer, then so what?,” says Pekka Luoma.

The party is particularly selective about membership. People of foreign origin have no business being under the swastika.

“If they are not related or do not have blood ties to the Finnish people, the party does not accept them.”

Luoma explains that Swedish-speaking Finns and indigenous Sami people fulfil the criteria for membership, but he doesn’t take a stand on the matter of membership for Finnish Roma.

The Lotta Svärd was approved for reestablishment only as a cultural organization. A Nazi Party is possible in Finland under its international treaties. This is due to the global thinking that began in the 90s.

“The freedom of association is a right recognized in very key human rights agreements and in the practice of human rights courts it is established that very few restrictions can be placed upon it,” points out the Foreign Ministry’s Päivi Kaukoranta.

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  1. I am of mixed racial heritage, come from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, in the West Indies and my best friend is a Finn. A Finn who,on my stay in his native land, treated me like a brother. The registering of a Finnish Nazi Party in a country that I consider a second home, is a slap in the face of that friendship and a blow to all loving, caring Suomi people. Anyone seriously considering the international scrutiny and disdain that will come of this, needs to deal with this at the highest level as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Albert, the finnish nazi party was a tempest in a tea cup, they have absolutely no following here.

  2. my friend is a Finnish native. She is a foreign exchange student in america. She hasn’t even heard of this and she talks to her parents every day.

    1. They’re a bunch of misfit national socialists wanting to project their numbers more than what they actually are. It was a stunt to gain attention, and shock, they didn’t attract any more new members than what they already have. They actually did send in their papers but they failed to receive the prescribed number.

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