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This is how the Muslimaniacs have been treating the holy places of Judaism and Christianity for centuries. They believe that that’s the price these two groups are to pay for not having submitted to Islam and excepting Mohamed as their prophet. This is how it’s always been in the Middle East wherever, whenever Islam has been in dominance, treating their dhimmis any which way they choose.

Jeff Dunetz over at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Peace, does us all an immensely big favor by reciting the recent horror in Nablus where Jewish pilgrims were shot down in cold blood by Palestinian police, for daring to show up to kiss the wall of the tomb of their beloved patriarch, Joseph.

What ensued next the Tundra Tabloids has already reported on, the Palestinian took to ravaging and desecrating the tomb revered by Jews as they have done on repeated occasions.

Jeff explains the history of the Arabs’ desecration of Jewish holy sites, in which yesterday’s attack pours a serious amount of salt onto the wound, for it falls on high holiday of Passover, where Moses led the children of Abraham out from Egypt, and with the bones of their patriarch, Joseph. KGS

Read it all here.

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  1. This is simply intolerable.

    And if the Israelis had any backbone they would establish a permanent presence at the tomb and jail anyone atttempting to descrecate it.

  2. Don’t expect the mainstream media to tell you the whole story on this one. To hear it from the MSM, the only ones who want to visit Joseph’s Tomb are “ultra-orthodox” (read “fanatics” or “extremists”) as if the sight has no meaning at all to Modern Orthodox, Reform or Conservative Jews.

    The desecration of Christian holy sites in Muslim lands is also under-reported.

  3. The Israelis should do the same to their Mosque, burn it down!!! Enough is Enough!!

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