H/T: Vasarahammer. Jan Sunberg has done the damage that he was sent to do by the Finnish FM, Alexander Stubb. He smeared the True Finns, the clear winners in last week’s election for the Finnish parliament, by insidiously referring to Nazi Germany, then clarify further that he didn’t mean that the party Timo Soini heads are fascists.

He’s a slick, sick piece of work this Jan Sunberg. He can feign innocence all day long and chuckle like a constipated hen with hemorrhoids, but we are all on to him. He’s political hit man for the Finnish foreign ministry and the present ruling government.

This sorry piece of work in the above article, when confronted about his giving Finland a blackened image in the eye of the international media, he dismisses it with the wave of his hand. Nope, he won’t take responsibility for something he thought he already covered his tracks for.

There are all kinds of academic weasels like Jan Sunberg who spend all of their time in their ivory towers writing about issues they’re supposed to know something about, but at the end of the day, they prove themselves not to be truth seekers, but ideologues.

In the article above Jan Sunberg states the following: ” People don’t always undersand that right-wing populists can have the same kind of platform as traditional social democrats. This isn’t new, Nazi Germany had the same system.”

Folks, no matter how hard these academic ideologues try to twist it, both fascism and national socialism are left-wing ideologies. Right-wing conservatism abhors big welfare-state government, which is the very opposite of what Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Fascist Italy represented. Time to end this nonsense once and for all. KGS

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