Gaza Gaza Flotilla Pro-Fakestinian Morons


It’s the icing on the cake really, another communist “Che” type to rally the leftist troops around. One can only imagine T-shirts being sold and the cult of personality being constructed around this jackass.  Here are a boat full of these same like jackasses along with the now dead jackass trying to break the legal weapons blockade of Gaza. KGS

Flotilla renames voyage in honor of slain activist

LONDON (Ma’an) — The next voyage to break the siege on Gaza will be named Freedom Flotilla – Stay Human in honor of slain Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni.

Arrigoni’s body was found in a home northwest of Gaza City on Friday, hours after he was kidnapped by radical Islamists in the coastal enclave.

Arrigoni was writing a book titled “Stay human.”

The Freedom Flotilla steering committee condemned the killing, “a tragedy for his family, for those of us who knew him, and for the Palestinians who loved and admired him.”

NOTE: Is it humane to try an break weapons blockade on a genocidal regime that has no humanitarian crisis, which discriminately shells Israeli civilian centers while using its own people as human shields? What a joke of a title. Stay human, yeah, well he’s more human now than when he was alive.

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  1. It is more than ironic that the flotilla will be named after one of the Hamas victims.
    it is interesting to observe how the brainwashed react to unequivocal evidence of the death cult they like to suck up to, in stead to drawing the logical conclusion that these creatures represent the anti-thesis of humanity, they so badly need to hold on to their dangerous illusion by asking for more deaths.
    I think these people are beyond repair, better give them straightjackets before they inflict more harm on the rest of us!

  2. Very confusing to me, first their Muslim buddies murder this ‘activist’, then they want to honor him, this is strange indeed. However the Lunatic Left will buy all of the BS, and nothing can ever sever their love affair with radical Islam or the ’cause’.

  3. years and years of an inbreeding culture can only result in lunacy

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