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If I were a Christian from Africa, the Middle East or from Asia, I would loathe my fellow supposedly co-religionists in the West. They have been hung out to dry time and again, all the while the West bends over backwards for Islam. KGS

From the Sultan Knish and SheikYer’Mami:

Western powers aiding and abetting the global jihad? You ain’t seen nothing yet:

The Cote D’Ivorie is only one front in a Muslim drive to Islamize Africa. And Africa is only front in a Muslim drive to Islamize the world.

(Sultan Knish)

There is a civil war in the Ivory Coast between Muslims and Christians. Unsurprisingly the EU has chosen to back the Muslim side. France is using armed force to insure that the Muslims take over.

Islam came to the Ivory Coast via Berber slave traders. Now it is trying to take over with mass murder and the backing of the ‘international community’. The post-colonial Ivory Coast was a success story. But Muslim immigration has turned it into a nightmare.

The media narrative on the Cote D’Ivorie crisis is that Muslim thug Alassane Ouattarra is the legitimately elected leader of the country. But Alassane Ouattarra had a Birther problem of his own. Under Ivory Coast law, the president and his parents have to be native born. Alassane Ouattarra was born in the Ivory Coast, but his father wasn’t. That legally disqualified him from holding office. He tried for it anyway despite a Supreme Court ruling barring him.

Ouattarra tried to present forged documents, resulting in a warrant for his arrest. He ran for office yet again. But this time he brought large numbers of Muslim immigrants who were not legally qualified to vote to the polls. Numerically he won, but the invalid votes were thrown out by the Constitutional Council. The ‘international community’ chose to back Ouattarra, who had no legal right to even stand for office, and his illegal Muslim voters. Now they’re doing everything possible to put him in power.

Let’s be clear about what is going on here. Gbago is no saint– few African leaders are. But Alassane Ouattarra and his Muslim thugs are trying to turn the Ivory Coast into another Sudan filled with the bodies of Christians and Animists. Backing an Ouattarra takeover means backing another Muslim genocide against Christians and Animists.

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  1. For what ever strange reasons Western nations IMHO are always in some form assisting Islamic causes and countries. In the long run this will prove to be very foolish, and perhaps to late to salvage the harm done.

  2. Here in UK we had a wonderful C of E bishop, Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali. He was from Pakistan. His father had converted to Christianity and they had to leave when he was young.Because of the violence and death threats against them from the religion of piss. He is the only member of Church of England to speak out about islam, years ago, and to warn people. His reward? Forced out of office by the Druid-in-chief, the Imam of Canterbury, who wants to help bring in sharia law!

    1. Sad to say that ‘the enemy within’ can at times do more damage then the radical Islamists.

  3. I imagine France will pay the butchers bill to Islam at home for their actions abroad aiding Islam.

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