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Thanks to Vasarahammer for the following. Finland’s largest paper puts words (actually twists them) in the mouth of True Finns leader, Timo Soini, to make it appear he approves of the government’s overall immigration policies. Elections are next Sunday and the media, and state media included, are trying to find inventive ways to chip away at the party’s popularity. Truly despicable, unprofessional journalism by Hautamäki. KGS

“Soini gave his support to the Government’s immigration policies”

The True Finns leader also praised the older political parties to the Germans

The Hell-Singing Sanomat: (subscription only) “True Finns chairman, Timo Soini, did not see any problem with the Finnish government on immigration, when he gave an interview to German journalists in the Sanoma House on Tuesday. Soini, gave full support to the Government on immigration and a bit annoyed, when journalists asked about the possibility of his xenophobia.”

By Jaakko Hautamäki

According to Vasarahammer:

“This is what he actually said according to Jussi Halla-aho who has been in contact with Soini.”

Jussi Halla-aho: “Soini informed me in the morning, privately, that the Helsingin Sanomat had invented their own script to write and that he had told foreign journalists the following:

* Halla-aho is not a racist
*From Halla-aho’s initiative, the whole immigration debate got started
* Thanks to this debate the laws (on immigration) have been been tightened, and that they are now better (than before).”

NOTE: The Hell-singing Sanomat, all the news fit to wrap fish in.

UPATE: Esaias corrects the TT, the picture posted was supposedly of Jaakko Hautamäki, but it wasn’t him,  an error on my part. Thanks for the correction.

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  1. The person in the picture is Center party parliamentarian Esko Ahonen, not Hautamäki.
    I read your blog often, but often am disappointed because of many material mistakes and wrongdoings like this.

    1. Hey, I placed the pic that had his name. If I’m wrong, I admit it and correct the error.

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