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This is in fact a major scam of historic proportions, and nothing to cheer about, but that won’t stop the Obamination and the RINO Republicans. KGS

UPDATE: Oh and while they’re at it, -blowing money faster than a drunk sailor on liberty- The Sheik informs us that Obama is spending 20 million of US taxpayers’ money on  a Pakistani version of the Muppets. This of course comes on the heels of Obama  handing over 50-70 million to a Kuwaiti for Super Hero comics

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  1. It’s time to cut out all of the BS, lies, and pompous bluster. There has to be real cuts in the obscenely excessive amount of spending and borrowing. Hundreds of billions in cuts would be a good start. If any one of us ran our personal finances in such a haphazard manner we would be impoverished and out in the street begging for spare change in a very short time. An old saying, perhaps from the Bible states that “the debtor is the slave to the lender’. I have yet to hear much talk of real thrift and austerity from many of our ‘esteemed ‘ representatives. Oh yes they kick it around but when it comes time to really tighten the belt, many loose their nerve and worry if their electorate will toss them out or not.

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