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The Tundra Tabloids’ advice: Say no to all new mosque building. Mosques are not the same as synagogues and churches, they are headquarters for the political strategizing against the non-Muslim community, with proselytizing and indoctrination of the youth, as important side issues.  Richard Braun and John Marion, writing a review of Sam Solomon’s book, The Mosque Exposed at EuropeNews state:

Since worship is not merely religious ritual, Mohammed acted in his role as the supreme leader of the community and the mosque was his base of operation. Here are some examples of how Mohammed used the mosque to implement his all-encompassing Shariah law:

  • He made legislative decrees from the mosque. It is the seat of legislative government.
  • He taught his followers his ideology in the mosque. It is the educational seminary.
  • He sent and received official delegations at the mosque.
  • He conducted the affairs of the Islamic state, entertained heads of state, and appointed judges there. It is the seat of executive power.
  • He issued legal decrees and developed Sharia law there.  It is the supreme court.
  • He issued social decrees.  It is the social center of the community.
  • He proclaimed the superiority of Muslims over non-Muslims, issued death sentences against those who opposed him, and dispatched the executioners to carry out their duties.  It is the place and symbol of Islamic rule.
  • He proclaimed the superiority of men over women at the mosque. It is place of inequality.
  • It is where he issued marching orders, proclaimed jihad, and recognized his warriors. It is a military base.

In short:

Folks, don’t be fooled, while it will appear that you’re being hypocritical, and “undemocratic”, no free person need worry about resisting against a totalitarian political ideology, in which a free person rejects the intrusion of those who seek to enslave them. The issue about mosques are crucial, and the debate has to be won at all costs. KGS

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