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The Tundra Tabloids realizes that the journalist(s) in question could very well be proven to have hostile views towards Israel, or Jews in general, but that’s not the focus here. What’s in question is the international media’s role in covering up the violence against these women in order to safeguard the Hamas’ image.

It’s sickening to know that journalism today is rife with activists with the pen, like Finnish state broadcasting hack journalist, Hannu Reime, and there are many more such examples. That is what is in question here, journalistic malfeasance, and how deeply widespread it is. KGS

Arab Spring: Male-on-Female Atrocity in Gaza Disappeared by the Western Media

Asma Al-Ghoul, a Palestinian journalist beaten and tortured by Hamas

Last month, at least eight Muslim Palestinian female journalists were physically beaten with clubs, iron chairs, and fists, stabbed, and tortured with electric shocks by male Hamas security forces in the Gaza strip. Their cell phones, laptops, documents, and cameras were confiscated. They were also arrested. Some were forced to sign a document “pledging to refrain from covering such events again.”

The “events” were a series of pro-unity rallies organized by Palestinian youth on Facebook (!) which demanded an end to the dispute between Islamist Hamas and a presumably more moderate Fatah.

So much for the Arab “spring,” and the purposefully misguided Western (and these heroically naïve youthful demonstrators’) belief that the increasingly well organized Islamist Middle East will really rise up on behalf of human rights and women’s rights—without which there can be no democracy.

But this is not my main point.

The mainstream media did not cover this male-on-female atrocity in Gaza. In the English-speaking world, only a handful of journalists, including two Israelis, one writing in the Jerusalem Post, one writing at Big Peace, covered it. A few smaller newspapers in America and an English-language Egyptian paper did so as well.

To be fair, Reuters had an article which featured their own agency in Gaza having being attacked by “armed men.” Later on, we learn that these “armed men” were Hamas officials. And near the end of the piece, we also learn that Hamas also beat “photographers and camera men.” They do not mention female journalists, nor do they give us their names.

More here.

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  1. BTW the apologists for Hamas and the allegedly ‘oppressed’ Palestinians always buy the ‘official’ version of events in Gaza put out by the Hamas ministry of truth.

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