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The Tundra Tabloids’ guesstimation, the rebels (an odd-ball assortment of disgruntled clansmen/civilians and fundamuslim radicals with a dash of al-Qaida terrorists) get their butts kicked, and the Obama “Coalition” (just handed off to NATO) has to decide as to whether to send in ground troops or face a major embarrassment at the hands of Gadaffi. Mark my words, “boots on the ground” will soon be heard. KGS

NOTE: Obama’s war of choice is becoming a major debacle, especially when the US is actually contemplating arming the very same terrorists the US is fighting elsewhere.

Undisciplined Libyan rebels no match for Gaddafi’s forces

Guardian: If there’s an ammunition shortage, no one has told Khalif Saed. He was firing off a large machine gun welded to the back of a pick up truck, sending the contents of the heavy belt of bullets darting through the weapon and in to an empty sky.

It’s a regular enough occurrence on the open desert road along which Libya’s conflict has swung back and forth through this month. Sometimes the stream of fire is celebratory, as earlier this week when it was falsely claimed that Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte had fallen.

In recent days it seems to be more out of frustration as the rebels were forced back in the face of Gaddafi’s attack. What it was not was aimed at was the enemy.

Asked why he was shooting when the revolution’s military leadership has appealed for discipline and its fighters not to waste ammunition, Saed said simply: “It’s my gun.”

It isn’t. He concedes that he seized it from a military base in Benghazi as Gaddafi’s forces fled at the beginning of the revolution. But it says much about the state of the loosely organised rebel militia which foreign governments are now considering arming.

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