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  1. Like a highly skilled surgeon Bill Whittle lays bare the barren empty rhetoric of Michael More and the total absence of any form of rational fiscal policy of the Obama administration.

    Is any one suprised? Surely not.

    Obama the Chicago community organiser got a free pass from what laughably passes for the fourth estate in the USA in the two years lead up to the 2008 election.

    1. Thanks Raymond, Whittle is excellent. Nothing like a sharp surgical knife to cut through the lard of the Left.

      1. Right on KGS!

        Let’s hope that we all cut through some of the leftist lard in the coming election.

        I’m expecting to see a strong vote for Perussuomalaiset.

        1. Thanks Raymond, I think that the PS party will give a good showing.

  2. Let’s start with the hor d’ oeuvres.

    Starting with London we hear about “protests of modest cuts to the nanny [e.g. welfare] state by throwing traffic signs through windows of banks and luxury shops in order to get back at the people hoarding all the money; namely the rich.

    “In Wisconsin, of course, we saw the same thing; “mobs” [who started no fights, didn’t break anything, picked up after themselves and don’t live in a nanny state remotely close to the British version thereof]”. Enormous credibility hit here, Bill. Is he grossly misrepresenting the case because he knows his demographic is ignorant, stupid, astonishingly biased, or all three? In those cases he can, and apparently does, get away with it.

    “State senators [exercising their legal right to filibuster via absence to impede a vote. Oops, I mean] walking out, not only on their jobs, but on their oaths. To please their leige-lords and masters, the public employees credit union.” Or you mean they will work to support the laws and principles that they believe in, and for which beliefs they were elected. Note Billy’s cynicism: Politicians are guilty until proven innocent. It’s not entirely misplaced, but note how by inference we are given to understand that the Rethugs here have no paymasters. Thank you for clarifying that, Mr. Koch.

    I like the Michael Moore dissection; funny and right on target – I know guys that have worked for him – he is a large asshole. But shoot me, I admire his movies, mostly. Now pay close attention to what Michael really said:

    “The country is awash in wealth and cash. It’s just that it’s not in your hands. It has been transferred in the greatest heist in history, from the workers and consumers to the banks and portfolios of the Uber rich.”

    Now Bill takes the reins, framing the issue to we can understand it best:

    “Ask yourself if Michael Moore is correct; are we in fact broke as a nation or is there a national resource, namely the wealthy that have locked up all the money.”

    Moving to the meat of the matter: “statistics, that is to say data, that is to say evidence is usually fatal to the liberal world view. Tried to figure out how to actually pay for the 3.7 trillion dollars Obama is going to spend in 2011. “Forget high taxes, lets just take every penny of their profits, [repeat and inflate ad-nauseum]”

    Neither Michael Moore nor anybody at the Wisconsin demos has said anything remotely close to let’s take their profits and income and holdings and net worth, etc. etc.

    But Bill’s “statistics = data” presents an analysis so absurd on it’s face I can’t believe he (or I for that matter) wasted time on it. Neither Moore nor probably 99% of the people in Wisconsin suggest that the budget should be paid for by eating or bleeding corporations and millionaires dry, so why even bring it up as though it somehow refutes Moore’s position?

    We should also reality check here and note that Moore was addressing the

    If Whittle were serious he would look at simple measures such as revenue that could be derived from taxing oil companies with obscene profits who pay less than zero tax because of loopholes written by politicians who recognize what side their leige lord paymasters want their toast buttered on.

    Same goes for sleazeballs like Scott Walker, who gave 217 million in tax breaks to corporations in his state and then try and make up the difference by shafting the people who make it run. (This, btw, was what Moore was primarily addressing; the excuse that they had to screw working people because the state was out of money – what $217ml ?).

    Whittle could address the enormous disparity between rich and poor that began growing during the Reagan years and is now grotesque.

    He could address pension funds gutted by Goldman Sachs following the Bush administration’s suspending key rules governing Commodity Futures Trading or a hundred other ways the rich have increasingly gained power and influence to the by-now serious detriment of working and middle class folks.

    If Bill were serious about examining these things, he would start his calendar by noting that projected Federal Revenue from income tax alone is $1,152 billion, which at $10 bn per day takes us 3.8 months from Jan 1 alone. Considering total projected federal revenue of $2,174 bn, that buys us 217 days or 7.2 months down the road. https://www.usgovernmentrevenue.com/

    Seriously considering ways to go further by redressing some of the obscene, unconscionable cheats and excesses noted above should pick up the ball in early August.

    1. Truth be told, public sector pay, pensions and healthcare benefits outpaced the private work force doing the same work, somethings got to give. You can’t fund utopia for one sector of people and expect the others to pay for it. As for picking up after themselves, the Wisconsin state house was trashed by the bums that camped out there. I saw the videos, it was a disgusting mess.

      As for ignorant, the bleating mobs of entitlement demanders mobbing the capital fit that explicative to a tee. Socialism is a failure no matter how often it’s tried. The runaway senators were in contempt of state congress, they can filibuster but they have to do so within the stated house rules. They did not, they reject democracy when it doesn’t suit them. EXAMPLE, on the federal level, US Republican congressmen did not flee the capital when Obamacare came to a vote. They stayed and voted. Elections have consequences.

      Michael Moore’s movies are full of hot gas like the director himself. Moore and other are saying exactly that, that there is all this wealth out there, concentrated in the hands of smaller groups of people, all we need to do is to squeeze the balloon in the right way and get it to the people “who deserve it”. What a bunch of bullocks. Socialism 101. Take your commie crap elsewhere, no smart person is buying it here pal.

      You create wealth by loosening up the iron grip of government, allow people to make their own choices and let the free market work, in short Reaganism, but you’re a drone, you prefer to jealousy of another’s wealth instead of going and working to create your own. Big government, lots of it baby, that’s your M.O. and calling card.

      You and your socialist types work against the Mid-wage earners (Middle Class = bourgeoisie in your marxist speak), in fact you hate the Mid-wage earners, the 250 000 plus tier of the self employed, and why in the hell do you people label those who are employed solely as WORKERS, all income earners are WORKERS, but that’s the Marxist class warfare crap you people peddle.

      OH and here’s an inconvenient truth for you, Wallstreet pays more into the Democrat party than it ever did to the Republicans, and your beloved unions are the fifth column of the Democrat party, who secure elected office for their “guys and gals” who in turn hand out big contracts and agreements to the unions.

      Nice cozy relationship they have, we all here noticed that you forgot to mention that one.

      1. Fred said
        “You create wealth by loosening up the iron grip of government, allow people to make their own choices and let the free market work, in short Reaganism, but you’re a drone, you prefer to jealousy of another’s wealth instead of going and working to create your own. Big government, lots of it baby, that’s your M.O. and calling card.”

        GWB loosened regulations, results, catostraphy
        GWB lowered taxes, results, catastrophy

        Where are the Jobs???

        The “free market” will eat you alive. I trust the government (we the people) not GE
        Ronald Reagan raised taxes, results, he is your hero


        1. Hey Vince, Reagan allowed the US taxpayer to keep more of their own hard earned money and the result was the greatest expansion of economic success. The Democrats know only three things, tax, big gov’t and making every aspect of your life controlled by big bureaucracy. The problem of the big mess the US is in was started by Fanny May and Freddy Mac, giving loans to people who should never have had them. They created a housing bubble that burst and started a train wreck in the economy. That was completely owned by the Democrats, and your recipe is “more of the same”.

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