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This is another reason for Finns to vote for the True Finns Party

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YLE, Finland strongly supports Turkey’s EU membership

Helsingin Sanomat: The state visit to Turkey by President Tarja Halonen said Finland strongly supports Turkey’s EU membership, says Yle. According to Halonen, however, what is more important than the timetable is “what kind of marriage, namely the relationship between Turkey and the EU there will be”.

During the official visit to Turkey, President Halonen will meet with President Abdullah Gül. In addition to prospects for the talks on bilateral relations and Turkey’s EU membership negotiations, they will focus in the Middle East and North Africa region, ongoing change and sustainable development.

NOTE:A comment to the article (translated) : “What the hell. What’s with Finland? I don’t support Turkey’s membership. We don’t need 70 million worshipers of the Beast of Darkness here. All the election candidates should express their position On this Turkey question.


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  1. As I have stated before to admit Turkey into the EU will be a disaster. Just imagine the issuing of suspect, questionable, or even bogus Turkish passports, and citizenship documents by corrupt sympathizers of the Pan Islamist movement. There will be no need or concerns about a fifth column, the door will be wide open for the ‘followers of the prophet’ to waltz right in.

    1. Big Frank, I used to live in east London and travel on the train everyday to get to work. There were normally the same 3 other people on the platform. Within 2 weeks of the EU opening up British borders to east Europeans, the platforms were crowded solid. I reckon 2 million people came in. The streets were full of them. The only good thing to come of it was when some mooselums from the local mosque decided to dice with death and attack 2 Russians. The Russians chased them back into the mosque with 2 large swords. We watched from our window.
      We have no control of our borders as Finns, French, Kosovan Albanians and Bulgarians from the EU/Fourth Reich, have more say over how we run our country than we do.

      1. Juniper, Other than the crime problem one often wonders how many of these ‘EU’ citizens migrated to the UK for the specific reason to get on the dole and become a permanent economic burden on the UK people.

  2. Two trolls and a mooselum. Do these two freaks have children?

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