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That’s the answer Astrid Thors (Swedish People’s Party) gives when talking about the concerns people have over the Euro. It’s not about the facts the English press are reporting on, it’s about the fact that they’re reporting on it all. Thors is a big EU believer, and couldn’t care less about the fact it’s an entirely undemocratic institution, so for her, it’s blame the messenger and never look at the message. KGS

“The debate we have about Europe in Finland follows the British debate, which does not reflect what happens in the rest of Europe,” adds Thors, a fluent French speaker. “Just compare Le Monde and the British papers. The Finns are relying too much on the British press and English-speaking sources, and that also distorts the debate.”

Tapio Raunio, Professor in Political Science at Tampere University, says that the anti-bailout statements do not represent a major shift in thinking so much as the verbalising of currents of thinking that had previously remained hidden. When the entire system is dedicated to ironing out differences so that Finland speaks with one voice, the debate and criticism is not seen by the public.

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  1. In many EU countries the common man and woman are waking up to the truth, that that they were duped and propagandized into this Euro Superstate at much to high of a price. The thought of giving up a nations sovereignty, control over currency and financial policy, and even local or home rule and legislation is for most just too much to bear. In my travels in many Eu countries especially Eastern Europe I find a high level of dissatisfaction with the entire EU scheme.

  2. I find that a lot of propaganda is flung at anti-EU parties such as UKIP. Most people don’t think; people don’t like Nigel Farage for instance because he doesn’t dress up his language with PCness and is quite frankly, brutally blunt. In short, people don’t listen to the message, they look at the messenger and if s/he isn’t packaged properly then they won’t listen. We take our £ for granted – people don’t seem to be aware we have lost our sovereignty, nor do they notice how far east the EU is creeping, people won’t discuss anything, especially if it’s true. The EU is like the UN, there is no-one listening when sense is being spoken, and it is never reported in the common media.

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