That’s they way they do it, the Arab terrorists start a campaign of terror, get struck back, then play the victim while the morons in Europe rush to place blame on both sides, but with more of an emphasis on the Israelis, because, being a fellow democracy they believe they have a far better chance at pressuring it than the Islamonazis running Hamastan in the Gaza Strip. Also, the P.A. plays the exact same game when it deems it to be in it’s own best interests to do so. Remember folks, eyes wide open. KGS

Gee Europe, how would you like these nazis for neighbors?

New exchange between Gaza and Israel; 1 dead

JERUSALEM (al-AP) – Gaza militants (TT: terrorists) barraged southern Israel with rockets and mortars Wednesday, drawing retaliatory Israeli airstrikes in a worrisome escalation of the gravest hostilities in the area since Israel went to war in the Palestinian coastal territory two years ago.

The Islamic Jihad militant (TT: terrorist) group said it fired rockets at four Israeli cities to avenge Israel’s killing of three militants (TT: terrorists) and four civilians in Gaza the day before. The group said one of its fighters was killed in one of the Israeli airstrikes Wednesday, and Israeli police said an Israeli civilian was wounded by a rocket that exploded in southern Israel’s largest city, Beersheba.

A smaller militant (TT: terrorist) faction allied with Gaza’s ruling Hamas militant group claimed responsibility for the mortar fire.

Israel and Hamas have largely observed a truce since the Israeli military offensive in Gaza ended in January 2009.

But over the weekend, Gaza militants (TT: terrorists) launched their heaviest mortar barrage against Israel in years, sending tensions soaring. The deaths Tuesday of three Gaza children and their uncle in what Israel has described as an errant mortar strike dramatically stoked the simmering violence.

In Gaza, the government declared a national day of mourning Wednesday and appealed to all Gazans to take part in the civilians’ funerals later in the day.

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