Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


Clearly Stephen Walt buys into the nonsense promulgated by pseudo scholars, such as Illan Pappe and Avi Shlaim (to name a few). Also, many international movements which voice the same anti-Israel rhetoric as Walt, base their irrational positions of Israel upon their pseudo scholarship as well. In short, the “New Historians“, in collusion with the international Leftist academy, are responsible for turning whole generations of people against the tiny Jewish state.

Just two days after Israel was hit by a massacre of a family of Jews living in Judea, this moron takes to condemning Israel for allowing to Jews to settle some areas of ancient Judea and Samaria, also known as the Disputed Territories. The overwhelming percentage of the areas where Arabs live are under control of the Palestinian Authority.

But that’s not good enough for people like Stephen Walt, he has to promote the myth of Jewish colonization of “Arab lands”, when in fact the Allied Powers in San Remo underlined the Balfour Declartion which then became a legal document under the auspices of the League of Nations and later the UN. It’s a fact, Jews have every right to be in Judea and Samaria, but Stephen Walt would of course disagree, because his pseudo scholars tell him so. KGS

NOTE: Spare your false sympathies Walt, it’s just a transparent opportunity on your part to further stick it to the Jews

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  1. Well here we go again! The anti-Semite blames the victims of anti-Semitism.

    Don’tcha just love the way these guys show some brief sympathy for Israel and then follow up machine-gun style with a whole host of rationalizations of why the Jewish State is evil. “… violation of international law, depends on intimidation and violence… etc”

    Stephen Walt should only be so concerned about the intimidation and violence in SYRIA or GAZA, or IRAN.

    I’d love to see the IRS audit this guy some day. I’d betcha he’s on the Saudi payroll.

  2. And this is the guy who calls himself ‘a realist in an ideological age?
    Sounds like he is a propagandist

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