Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


Just to remind everyone that Palestinian/Arab terrorism has been going on for decades, with the slaughtering of civilians in cold blooded murder being their signature calling card. KGS

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids categorically rejects any moral or legal equivalence between Palestinian cold blooded terrorist butchery of Israelis, and Arab civilian casualties that result in Israeli operations against Palestinian terrorist infrastructures, The latter adheres to strict military guidelines as defined by the Geneva conventions, while the former seeks to murder as many civilians as possible while placing their own people into harms way for propaganda purposes.


This Week in History: Israel’s deadliest terror attack

03/11/2011 10:52

Coastal Road Massacre killed 38, wounded over 70 and lead to Operation Litani, aimed at pushing PLO operatives out of southern Lebanon.

Initially botched by the terrorists themselves, the Coastal Road Massacre failed to stop peace with Egypt but led to an invasion of southern Lebanon.

On March 9, 1978, 13 Fatah terrorists left southern Lebanon on a boat headed for Tel Aviv. Two days later, in particularly rough seas, they transferred to two smaller Zodiac landing craft. Two of the terrorists drowned when one of the crafts capsized. Determined to carry out their deadly mission, the 11 surviving terrorists carried on and landed on a beach at Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael. What happened next would claim 38 innocent lives, wound over 70 and lead to Operation Litani, a large-scale IDF operation aimed at pushing PLO operatives out of southern Lebanon.

On the morning of Saturday March 11, the surviving Fatah men (and one woman) made landfall on an Israeli beach. Realizing they had not landed in Tel Aviv as planned, the terrorists nonchalantly ate lunch on the beach for nearly an hour before approaching an American nature photographer who happened to be on same beach that day. They asked her where they were and for directions to Tel Aviv, which she naively provided. The terrorists, worried that the photographer would alert authorities to their presence, shot and killed her before walking to the nearby Tel Aviv-Haifa highway.

After making the short walk to the Coastal Road, the terrorists flagged down and hijacked a passing taxi, killing its occupants, and began driving south towards their original destination – Tel Aviv. Soon after embarking on the short journey, the group of terrorists stopped a northbound chartered Egged bus, hijacked it and ordered the driver to turn around and head south. Heading down the highway, the Fatah cell began shooting and throwing grenades at passing cars, at one point throwing a body from their commandeered bus.

Read it all here.

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