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For a change, a credible article from the Washington com-Post. It’s another reason why there won’t be, nor should there be any rush by the West to help the rebels, there is no good outcome to the Libyan civil war. KGS

Five myths about Moammar Gaddafi

As the international community waits to see if, when and how Gaddafi might fall, let’s topple a few misunderstandings about the mercurial leader.

1. Gaddafi is insane.

Given – Gaddafi looks like a deranged dictator. Homicidal attacks on his own people? Check. Wacky ideology? Try reading his incoherent ramblings in”The Green Book,” a manifesto published in the 1970s. Bizarre public statements? Listen to his 90-minute tirade against the world before the U.N. General Assembly in 2009. Add to the mix his all-female Amazonian Guard security force and the Bedouin tent he pitches during trips to Rome, Paris and New York, and the evidence suggests that we’re dealing with a crazy person.

But Gaddafi could not have held on to power for such a long time in a country as divided as Libya without being a canny political operator. He has adapted over the years, adjusting his message to appeal to different constituents with pan-Arabism, pan-Africanism, anti-Westernism and an idiosyncratic take on socialism. He has used every means at his disposal to achieve his sole objective: staying in power.

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