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This story speaks legions on the stupidity of Western women, who really think that they know it all, but in reality are as ignorant as a turnip. They haven’t a clue of what they’re talking about, or what might actually lie in store for them. No doubt the issue of religion will come up once she’s married and children are on the way, but by then it’ll be too late

NOTE: This is the same woman who’s rich Muslim boyfriend refused to show his mother her picture where she’s posing in ladies undergarments in conjunction with her beauty pageant requirements.

Miss-Anni: I could use a Muslim woman’s garment

MTV3: Miss Finland finalist Annie Uusivirta is not required to use a burka, even if she is going to marry her Muslim boyfriend, Mohamed Khalid.

– Even if we go get married, I do not have to wear it, because I am a westerner. But I could still use it, for example in relation to my husband’s family, because I want to prove that I’m interested in their culture and I respect it. It would however be my own choice, Anni says.

The garment is also linked to mysticism, which interest her.

– I once saw a tall blonde woman, who bore the burka. That is a beautiful sight, and surely turn heads. It raises interest, what is exactly her story.

H/T: Kumitonttu

NOTE: How she knew the tall woman in a burka was I’ll never know.

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  1. She won’t look so good when he’s battered her/acid attacked her/ buried her in the back garden, God forbid.

    What a silly girl.

    1. Good call English Viking. acid bath and buried in the backyard, with her Finnish offspring running around Dubai named Mohamed and jasmin.

  2. How did she know the woman in a burka was BLONDE? I think she made this up.

  3. I’m with you, Paula. Does Ms. Uusivirran carry burka-penetrating specs in her handbag, or something?

  4. Good woman!!! unlike these idiotic men commenting on her page she willing to keep her private bits to herself, and cover up so knobheads cant drool over what they cant have. twats

    1. Good for her, huh Jenny? What about the millions forced to wear that sack? At least no one in the West is literally being forced by family members to wear a bikini or tight fitting clothes, it’s a matter of choice. A woman in a bag loses her identity, her face, character, being forced to blend into a crowd like a mackerel in a school of it own kind. Screw the individual right? Let me guess, you’re a feminist to boot.

  5. Actually if you interacted with muslim people by stepping out of your little comfort zone, you would know that the majority of muslim women cover up through CHOICE!! As for the western women who wish to dress in tight fitting clothes (skimpy) they do so to attract male attention. Now that is SAD! No sense of self worth. But you are most probably a man, so you wouldn’t understand.

    1. Hey Jenny, no one forces girls to dress in skimpy clothes, muslim girls on the other hand get acid in the face if they dare dress western. You are over generalizing about Muslim girls’ preferences.

  6. I think your over generalizing muslim girls, not all of them are forced. If you spoke to muslims you would know that Also I didnt say western girls are forced to dress in their skimpy clothes, more about their intentions.

    1. You prove my point. “not all of them are forced”. The last time I looked, a girl wearing skimpy clothes was not being forced into doing so by radical secularists as a part of their political agenda, in comparison to fundamentalist Muslims pushing, intimidating and yes, using violence to “get their (females) minds right” and dress up.

  7. Here is an idea. Instead of idolising the misconceptions that the media loves to convey about muslim women, it would be a good idea for westerners, like yourself , to try to mingle and integrate into the muslim community. You might just, just, gain a different perspective about this community.

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