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It begs the question as to why the Brits have given so much aid to, and working with a people for whom a state of their own is of less importance than the destruction of the state of Israel. Hamas, which was voted for overwhelmingly by the Palestinians in the election of 2006, do not want a state at all, but only to belong as a region within a world caliphate. KGS

Britain to raise status of Palestinian London office

03/07/2011 22:01

J’lemPost: Hague says status being raised to mission; move falls short of conferring formal diplomatic status which would imply recognizing Palestinian state. LONDON – Britain said on Monday it was raising the status of the Palestinian Authority’s London office, though the move fell short of diplomatic recognition.

Given the extent of our aid to the Palestinian Authority and our work with them, we will join many other countries in upgrading the status of the Palestinian delegation to London to the level of a mission,” Foreign Secretary William Hague told parliament.

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