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This particular comment to an earlier TT post is rather pathetic as it is galling. A resident of Malmö Sweden thinks his beloved city, (once a bastion of Nazi support during WWII btw) is getting a bad rap from the mean old Tundra Tabloids. He thinks that the mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reeplau is such a great guy. The TT responds to his comment.

Sorry, but not often I have come about so much rubbish as is to be found in this article.

I have lived in Malmö since 1973. Yes, big changes have taken place – from rundown industrial city to a modern city with many options. Don’t missunderstand me, it is not alright to harress the rabbi of the local synagoge. Of course, it was not alright to shoot at immigrants. Luckily the sniper has been caught – a Swedish man – and will be brought to trial. There are problems in Malmö, yes, but I think the positive traces are stronger. Even Herrgården is under repair. The landlords are forced to do it.

At January 27 this year the synagoge was filled almost to the last seat to commemorate the Holocaust. I was there as well as many people and politicians from Malmö, not only members of the Jewish parish. One of the talks given by the former Swedish prime minister made it absolutely clear what is to be done in Malmö in order to solve the problems with different groups of immigrants.

Regarding conflicts between religious groups there are now three comittees trying to spread information: Nätverket för Tro och Tolerans, FIRSIM (Forum för intereligiös samarbete i Malmö) and a regional comittee founded by the mayor, who was elected again last september.

Most native Swedish people in Malmö are not leaving the city or plan to do so. This so called information of yours must only be called desinformation.

Regards, Detlef Schultze

Eh…. Dear Mr. Schultze, from your response it’s clear that you didn’t follow the link to the original article, The Local, a Swedish leftist English daily which published the article. Other wise you would already know that the TT didn’t spin the story out of whole cloth. I have Swedish friends, some are Jews some are not, who verify that Malmö is a swamp pit of anti-Semitism and that Jews are fleeing it.

By your response, I take you to be one of the “true believers” in Swedish multiculturalism, that if enough money is spent, the Muslim immigrants will somehow learn to love you and your culture better, all the while they reject your culture and insist on replacing it with their own.

But I digress.

You say that the local rabbi shouldn’t be molested, and that’s commendable, but what about the fear local Jews have about being caught walking around Malmö with the Star of David necklace around their necks, or wearing a Jewish yarmulka? What about that Mr.Schultze?

You appear to be either living in a bubble, or just plain refuse to see or acknowledge that the highly detrimental policies your beloved SDP have set into place over the past 50 some years have worked against your socialist utopia of heaven on earth. For the record, the person caught shooting immigrants in Malmö was a highly mixed up individual from an immigrant background, one of his parents came from Finland.

So Mr.Schultze, you think that Malmö is on the mends, what gives you reason for such optimism? Surely it can’t be from the nightly mayhem that starts almost on schedule every night. I have visited the area, (my photo on the left) talked with the police who have had it up to their eyeballs with all of the violence, and they most certainly do not share your optimism. Are you sure you’re from Malmö?

It matters little how full the local Malmö synagogue was on Holocaust Remembrance Day, there are around 700 Jews left in Malmö, besides, it’s the Left’s “moment to shine” in proving their philosemitic credentials, all teary eyed and worked up by the thought of all the dead Jews druing WWII. However, when support for the Jews really count, you and your buddies are nowhere to be found.

Where were you when the local Malmö city council chose to make the Davis Cup tennis match not open to the public due to the anti-Semites running around in the streets, who use their anti-Israel hatred as a thin veneer to hide their Jew hatred? Where were you Mr.Schultze?

Your socialist mayor, Ilmar Reepalu is a disgrace, a real disgrace of a mayor, who blamed the local Jews for the anti-Semitism levied against them due to their support for the Jewish state of Israel. He also lied when questioned as to whether he had been informed about the rise of anti-Semitism in his city. Looks to me like the only “good Jews” that are to be protected, are the self loathing types, the ones who prove themselves worthy of the socialist mantle by openly condemning Israel at every possible moment. They’re the only ones who get the special treatment from the SDP and from the other Commy bastards.

I could care less what commissions or groups Reepalu sets up, he deserves to have been kicked from his post long ago, but hacks like him deserve a special place in the hearts of folks like yourself, you see nothing wrong with this jerk, and that’s right I called him a jerk, and an anti-Semite as well. He’s responsible for the situation as it stands, Jews fleeing the city while he welcomes yet more Jew hating Muslims into the city. Nice collaboration of hate mongers you got going there Detlef, a groupd carries out anti-Semitic attacks while the mayor turns a blind eye, then blames the victims for their supposed foreign policy views. Great.

Also, Sydsvenskan, a pretty big paper in the south of Sweden, has repeatedly reported that Swedish families are fleeing the city as well.

The truth is, you can’t handle the truth Mr.Schultze, it’s too difficult for you to swallow, so you conjur up a fairyland tale of “it’s never been that bad, and how wonderful it’s soon to be, all because of the wonderful Mayor of Malmö”. It’s a lie, just like socialism is with its promise of “utopia being just around the corner”, it’s all a lie, and you and your mayor that promote it, are daft, dangerous and detrimental to the health of society in general and Jews in particular.

I hope that this answers your questions Mr.Schultze

Ilmar Reepalu, the anti-semitic chef, where only a pinch of himself is enough to keep them coming back for more.

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  1. I have no problem with Muslim youths burning cars provided they are safely belted in before setting it ablaze. – Ali BaBaQ

  2. HI, I am trying to figure out how to send you a mail too, maybe I am too intellectually challenged, but cannot find your mail?
    Anyway, what I want is just to draw your attention to some pretty stupid things going on in Norway, where the FMA (again) sponsors rank anti-israeli activists, however under the guise of debating “peace in or time” or something to that effect, but the event is called saladin days and commemorates saladins capture of Jerusalem in 1187. Specially invited guests include Ilan Poppe and other nay-sayers who probably would be more interested in rewriting history…. you can read all about it here,

    Is there a way to create a stink here?

    Oslo and Helsingfors, I mean not exactly a trip to the moon?
    If you are lucky maybe there is some of that Mossad booze loony lefties referred to when a US snooping case was revealed last year?

    cheers (pun intended!)

  3. Well, I have to say – as I sayed before – it’s not often I have read such rubbish. I wrote my former reply signed with my full name. Yet, I could not find your signature. Are you a coward? And last not least the tone in your reply as well as in your article is such that I would never write in this aggressive style to anyone on the net. You should be ashamed.

    Detlef Schultze

    1. Hey Detlef, I only answer loons and drones in that way (real believers in the Leftist meme), and seeing that there are plenty of your ilk around, hence the refusal to offer my real name. You people are dangerous.

      1. Wrong, Sir! The dangerous people are those who spread their poison anonymously. Only cowards act that way.

        With so much aggression in your mind and so much hatred in your heart as you are expressing in your texts, nothing positive can ever be achieved. This is my last reply to you. I’ll never visit this site again.

        Detlef Schultze


          The great Sergeant Schultze has left the building.

          Note of warning, there is no point in talking with drones, they just eat up your time.

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