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TSN: I see three crimes here, the brother listening to shatan’s music, the wife not shutting her trap, and the husband not limiting her beating to hidden internal damage, everyone knows that breaking a hand is much too visible, even under the freedom bag.

NOTE: My oh my, wouldn’t the ministry of vice and morality love to get their hands on the folks that run this site.

Wife seeks divorce over TV music channel

By Staff
Published Thursday, February 17, 2011
Emirates 24/7: A newly wed Saudi woman is seeking a divorce from her husband after he beat her up because she changed over a TV music channel, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Thursday.

The woman told her Saudi husband that she was “sick” of his addiction to the “Ghinwa” TV show which involves Arabic songs and dancing by several young girls, the online Kabar Arabic language daily said in a report from the eastern region.

“She told him that she would change it over but he warned her that he would break her hand if she does so,” the paper said.

“She thought he was not serious so she went ahead and turned the TV to another channel…he got mad and broke her hand…the wife was hospitalized but she has filed a divorce case.”

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    1. Hi SL, yeah it was , I tell thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee, ……

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