Communism Confronting Leftists


The Irish artist who drew that picture of Che Guevara will of course never admit to the bloody ruthlessness of Che Guevara, who like all dedicated communists, believed that in order to install the regime of the proletariat in Cuba, he needed to “break a few eggs” in order to get it done.

Most people nowadays who don the ‘Che’ emblem would have ended up on the other side of his gun, he was a firm believer in mass murder to achieve his political goals, that is something the Leftist loons of this day and age conveniently leave unmentioned. Che Guevara was no freedom fighter any more than Lenin, Mao, Stalin and Hitler were. Anyone who wears that shirt should hang their heads in shame, or be shamed by people who know better.

NOTE: A few years ago in Finland while shopping in a nearby grocery store, I spotted a man in his 60’s was walking around in a full length open-style white sweater that was completely dotted with the image of the red ‘Che’ logo. I went up to him and told that he should be ashamed of himself for wearing such a thing, that it was disgusting to see anyone walk around with an image of a mass murderer in open public.

He shot back at me with something that bordered on “yankee imperialist” and an anti-Israel jab or two, but I felt good about it nonetheless. You have to speak up when evil stares you in the face, and for the record, I have never seen him wear that sweater again.

H/T: Vlad

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