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13:00PM Prayers are being held Omar makram mosque and Qasr El-Dubbara church around Tahrir Square. A special prayer will be held for the revolution’s martyrs.

12:56PM Al-Qaradawi calls on the “brave Egyptian army” to open the Rafah crossing so that Gazans can receive the supplies they need. Turning his attention to arab leaders, he says: “Don’t fight history, you can’t delay the day when it starts. The Arab world has changed.”

UPDATE: Memri has a better rendition of what Qaradawi said here at 12:56, thanks to Reinhard for the H/T: [In a special mention of the Palestinian issue, Al-Qaradhawi asked the Egyptian army to open wide the Rafah crossing and to pray for the re-conquest of Jerusalem by the Muslims, so that he and the Muslims could pray in security at Al-Aqsa Mosque. This part of his sermon was cheered and applauded by the crowd.]

12:40PM Al-Qaradawi praises the army’s statements on democratic transition and asks them to liberate Egypt from Mubarak’s cabinet.

12:33PM Al-Qaradawi extols Egyptians to persevere with their revolution as it “continues to build a new Egypt” and should be “protect[ed] from hypocrites.” He condemns the regime for being the source of sectarianism in Egypt while in “here in Tahrir”, Christians and Muslims strove side-by-side for their revolution.

12:19PM Yusuf Al-Qaradawi gives the Friday sermon from a podium in Tahrir Square to the hundreds of thousands in attendance. He praises the January 25 revolution, describing it as an “educated” one. Al-Qaradawi adds that it was not only Mubarak Egypt’s youths defeated, they also defeated injustice and oppression.

12:12PM Prominent Islamic scholar Yusuf Al-Qaradawi is preparing to deliver the Friday prayer sermon in Tahrir Square. According to, Al-Qaradawi was invited to give the sermon by youth activists grateful for his support of the revolution to oust the ruling regime.

12:05PM Meanwhile, a pro-Mubarak rally is reported to be taking place in Mohendiseen attended by around 100 people.

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  1. The Arab/Muslim world wants a war with Israel. And if they dont watch it, they will get it.

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