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No one respects this guy, this community organizer cum senator cum US president, Barack Hussein Obama. Not the ones he tricked, repeatedly lied to (still doing it) and stiffed domestically with massive debt, and neither do the US allies and enemies alike. He’s a walking disaster.

Now to begin with, the US president should have never entertained the idea of an Arab resolution in the first place, he should have dismissed it the moment he got wind of it. Now, will Abbas accept the US’ watered down version of the draft, or will he go ahead with his own tougher draft and call for a show of hands at the UN Security Council nonetheless? The Tundra Tabloids believes that Abbas is going to call Obama’s bluff and dare him to veto it. KGS

Obama: Now why you doin me wrong Moody, after all that howling I did over Israel’s settlements last year? Moody: Just because I can Hussein, just because I can.

Abbas calls emergency PLO, Fatah meeting over UN resolution

02/17/2011 20:17

Announcement comes after PA president talks with Obama about PA’s plan to seek UNSC resolution condemning construction in settlements; Obama makes it clear US would veto resolution so as not to jeopardize peace talks.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has called an emergency meeting of the PLO and Fatah leaderships in Ramallah on Friday, Abbas’s spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudaineh, announced.

The decision to hold the emergency meeting came following a lengthy phone call between Abbas and US President Barack Obama, Abu Rudaineh said.

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  1. I think the PLO and Fatah leadership have a lot more to worry about than a UN Security Council resolution. Something tells me this “emergency” meeting has a lot more to do with street uprisings against standing Arab regimes.

    Israelis might be easily led to believe that such an “emergency” meeting is all about them, but if they think outside the box a little, they might come to the exact opposite conclusion. A few days ago, a whole slew of very high-ranking PA leaders turned in their resignations. I’ll bet that the “emergency” meeting is all about the PA and how they’re going to survive if similar waves of discontent are directed toward them. They’re probably all worried how they’ll get out of town alive with their Swiss bank accounts intact.

    It’s a habit to think it’s all about Israel, but this time is different. It’s about corrupt despotic Arab leadership and another silly UN resolution isn’t going to save Mahmoud Abbas’ et al one way or another.

    Think outside the box!

    1. Okay, I understand your point of view, but look at Egypt. The Egyptians were protesting against Mubarak, but does that necessarily mean that they were protesting FOR democracy?

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