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Ducking behind the UN and the EU is what Finnish political leaders deem prudent politics for Finns. They will never stick their necks up over the parapet, unless the majority in the just named organizations are doing the same. This is a classic case of a country looking out for its own best interests, how dare any Finn, or anyone else for that matter, blame the US for doing the same. KGS

Wikileaks: USA Was Disappointed in Finnish Attitude to Terrorism

YLE: According to Wikileaks documents acquired by YLE, the United States has attempted to influence the attitude of Finns towards terrorism in various ways over the years. US embassy diplomatic cables show that in 2005 the United States was particularly annoyed by the Finnish view that a terrorist attack could not happen in Finland.

When a bomb exploded aboard a rush-hour train in the Spanish capital, Madrid, in March 2004, the Finnish leadership of the time condemned the incident and at the same time took a stand on the battle against terrorism. Then-Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen commented on the attack.

“It is fortunate for the Finns that there were no Finns involved neither in this, nor in 9.11 in New York. The nature of these strikes is such that they can affect anyone at all, also Finns, the citizens of any country. In this way, these strikes are a common matter,” Vanhanen said in a comment to YLE radio news.

Vanhanen’s position did not please the Americans. It was not enough, even though the then-Prime Minister called for international cooperation in the fight against terrorism in a comment. The US position was that Finland’s political leadership should have stated that “the bombers could have struck as easily in Helsinki”. Simply arguing that vacationing Finns could have been aboard the Madrid trains did not please the Americans.

On the basis of the documents YLE has received from Wikileaks, the main challenge for US diplomats in the fight against terrorism in Finland at mid-decade was to change the it-can’t-happen-here attitude that had taken root among Finnish politicians.

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    1. Amen. We are deluding ourselves if we think that “oh it can never happen here because we’re not doing anything to upset Islam.”

      1. One does not have to do anything to upset Islam. All one must do is exist and try to live as a non Muslim. It is right in their so-called scriptures, They are taught lie and deceive us, and to look upon we Infidels as filthy, sub-human, second class beings, and in some cases be enslaved or eliminated. Don’t burn the Quran, read it. How we are portrayed is sickening, we must know how the enemy thinks.

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