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The Tundra Tabloids still believes that the US shouldn’t publicly humiliate it’s allies, and try to throw them under the bus, especially when they are grossly unsure of what will fill the void. It appears that CIA chief spook, Leon Panetta had more credible proof of Mubarak’s imminent departure than mere “news reports”, but it’s of little solace.

What this whole Egyptian crisis and the US reaction to it (farce) has shown us, is that Obama administration is being run by a bunch of Class-A dopes and nincompoops. While they temporarily thump their chests for having helped to usher in ”democracy”, in reality, they have only managed to make the region that much more less stable, as well as serving warning papers to it ”other allies” that the US can’t be trusted.

Why do you think that the King of Saudi Arabia was outraged over his friend’s open humiliation by the Obama regime? Believe me when I say that I’m no friend of the Saudis, I didn’t create the realities on the ground, but they are a counter balance to the Iranians, we have bases there, like it or not, but that’s the reality of it. What are they to think of the novices running the White House and US government now?

If I were them, and others allied with the US, especially under this regime, I’d be watching my back. KGS

Mubarak’s defiance surprised US and threatened chaos

02/12/2011 05:59

CIA officials learned of Egyptian military’s plan to remove Mubarak, but Egyptian president decided at the last minute to change the ending.

WASHINGTON – After a week of crossed signals and strained conversations, the Obama administration finally had good news: Late Wednesday, CIA and Pentagon officials learned of the Egyptian military’s plan to relieve Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak of his powers immediately and end the unrest that had convulsed the country for more than two weeks.

The scheme would unfold Thursday, with the only uncertainty being Mubarak’s fate. “There were two scenarios: He would either leave office, or he would transfer power,” said a US government official who was briefed on the plan. “These were not speculative scenarios. There was solid information” and a carefully crafted script.

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  1. Shilling for the “Brotherhood” – Mullah Obama is only doing exactly what is expected of him. He promised change and now the world is getting it. With The “Manchurian” at the helm, woe is the West – especially Israel. All you gullible fools in the US, that voted for him, do have a nice day! Just pray you don’t live to regret the day you did.

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