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Fjordman notes to the Tundra Tabloids:

“Notice how Turks compare not allowing Turkey into the EU with the Holocaust, while they themselves deny the Armenian Genocide.”

H/T: Fjordman

Turkey clarifies ‘fascist’ EU claim


04.02.2011 @ 09:29 CET
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The European Commission has said Turkish EU affairs Minister Egemen Bagıs could have been “better chosen” his words after he used a Holocaust commemoration event in Auschwitz to say the EU risks emulating “fascist methods of [the] 1930s”.

On Thursday (3 February) a spokeswoman for EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Fule said Mr Bagis later gave clarifications by phone after his initial comments raised eyebrows in Brussels and further afield.

Auschwitz camp sign. Bagis: ‘The only remedy for this distorted mentality is Turkey’s accession to the EU’

“Minister Bagis explained to the commissioner that his words were intended to express his concern at the rising role of some extremist groups in the EU and … that this could contribute to a potential lessening of tolerance towards minorities,” said Natasha Butler.

The commissioner was “grateful for this clarification” although “the original words could have been better chosen”, especially “given the timing and the location of their pronouncement,” she added.


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