The Tundra Tabloids reported earlier about EDL leader, Kevin Carroll, having a shotgun pointed in his direction after being drawn out by a Muslim throwing a rock at his house, now it’s Guramit Singh’s turn to be confronted by the Mohammedan mob, just like they do to Sweden Democrats in the la la land called Sweden. KGS

Yet Another EDL Leader Threatened at His Home by Armed Muslim Mob

By Ignominius
When we reported on the attempted armed attack on one of the EDL leaders late last week, it was pointed out that Islam hates opposition. And that when Islam meets with opposition the only way it can deal with that opposition is with threats of death, physical intimidation and violence. Many people were cynical enough to believe that it was a ploy by the EDL, close to the demonstration in Luton, to gain support and sympathy for the cause.

Yet, last night fifteen armed men, one of them armed, it’s alleged with a firearm, turned up at the home of the EDL’s chief spokesman, Guramit Singh with the intent of at least to intimidate him and frighten him. Guramit, confronting the men with his Rottweiler showed that neither he nor the EDL will be cowed or intimidated. Armed police soon arrived and Amit as he affectionately known was escorted to the local police station to give a statement. Afterwards he was collected by members of his EDL division and taken to a safe house with police protection. The police are still at his home at the present time.


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  1. Regarding Issa Issa of the Sweden Democrats:

    Vlad Tepes article misses a few things. Not surprising I guess, considering that the source is EveningFables (aftonbladet – sarcastically referred to as aftonfabler in Sweden) . Aftonbladet did get the part about the attackers shouting “fucking Christian”. They “forgot” about the shouts of “allah akbar” during the actual attack. They also didn’t feel it to be important to mention the number of times Issa got stabed – 18 fucking times! He was beaten with fists, bottles, baseball bats and stabbed repeatedly in the head, shoulder, back (ten times!), hand, leg, etc. It is very clear (if not from aftonbladets article) that these people intended for Issa to die. According to the doctors, he was only minutes away from death.

    The Fables part of EveningFables/aftonbladet? It starts with the headline: “He leaves the SD after the attack”. I would understand Issa if he left the political scene and the party after this, but he hasn’t. There has been a number of SD politicians that’ve left politics after having been victims of assaults, arsons, having had girlfriends or children assulted in their homes and in the streets – with warnings of more to come to their loved ones if they didn’t resign. I understand people withdrawing from politics under those circumstances – especially considering the rather lacking support from the legal system. The “anti fascists” behind these assaults are about as “Anti” as the DDR was democratic.

    Issa hasn’t given in to this though, even though the price has been great. He now has a protected identity. As does his family members I believe. His mother and his siblings and their children have been forced to move to an undisclosed location just as he has.
    There’s an ongoing fund raising to the costs this has resulted in for his family. If you’re Swedish or in Sweden, you can contribute by paying in money to plusgiro 38 05 85 – 0
    The giro account belongs to Sweden democrats Gothenburg. Payments must be marked “ISSA” in order for SD Gbg to know that it’s for him.

    SD Gbg’s page with this info:


    Article about ISSA and the event in the Christian paper “Dagen” (the day) below. As is clear from the article, published a couple of weeks ago, Issa hasn’t left the party – and the party hasn’t left him.


    /Jacob M

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