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This was forwarded to the Tundra Tabloids by CiF Watch. It concerns an incident which perfectly captures the mindset of the left-wing Guardian, selective reporting in order to assure that ”The Narrative” is not disturbed. If that means turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism, ‘so be it’ says the Guardian. KGS

The Guardian: Jew Hatred? What Jew Hatred?

I was not present at Saturday’s student rally in Manchester against the British Government’s plans to sharply raise university tuition fees, but here are the facts that the British media seem to agree on:

National Union of Students (NUS) president Aaron Porter was prevented by an abusive mob from speaking at the rally and had to be escorted to safety by police officers. About 150 fellow protesters, many pictured carrying Socialist Workers’ Party placards, broke away from the main, peaceful demonstration and barracked Porter over his leadership of the student movement. At least 16 demonstrators were arrested on the day.

The British media differed slightly in their reports of the type of abuse hurled at Porter.

The Daily Mail reported that Porter faced chants of “Tory Jew scum” in an article headlined, “Student union leader pulls out of speaking at fees rally after protesters hurl anti-Jewish abuse at him.”

The Daily Telegraph said that Porter was called a “f*cking Tory Jew” under the headline, “Student leader Aaron Porter barracked with anti-Semitic insults,” while Sky News reported that demonstrators surrounded Porter, “chanting anti-Semitic insults and calling for him to resign.”

The Guardian, though, saw it much differently.

Their story admits that student protesters targeted Porter before he was led to safety by police, but claims that he was merely called a “Tory too.” The word “Jew” doesn’t appear anywhere in their story, and there’s no mention whatsoever of the anti-Jewish abuse that other British media outlets detected. Why?

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